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The world of intellectual property and patent protection is one of data and academic citations. Analysts talk to researchers, lawyers and other professionals along the often lengthy line of innovation from idea to market.

In an era of increasingly open innovation, what if there were one place where all the professionals in the lifecycle of innovation could come together to engage, learn, share and compare?

Welcome to - from the Intellectual Property & Science (IP&S) division of Thomson Reuters. But there’s a wider audience beyond researchers and lawyers - people interested in the stories of innovation. When can we expect to be travelling in driverless cars? What will the first robots in our homes be like? How soon can we get our kitchen appliances communicating with each other? All innovation ends up in human hands, so it takes a human voice to reflect the unseen work of innovation professionals along the whole lifecycle.

Ideal Worldsmiths worked closely with the Marketing department of IP&S to translate expert knowledge of innovation into human stories that inspired a much wider, more general audience to appreciate the role of innovation. 

“We needed word magic. So, we brought in Ideal Worldsmiths to collaborate across several external and internal communications projects to develop our approach to the language of innovation. From scriptwriting to toolkits and leadership blogs to style guidelines, Mark worked with our Marketing teams to help create and introduce the right tone of voice for this big opportunity.”
Elise Finn, Global Head of Marketing, Intellectual Property & Science, Thomson Reuters

How do you start thinking about tone of voice?

Just ask Mark Griffiths

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