Nicola Ménage

 Nicola Ménage

Case Study: Nicola Ménage

COACHING: listen to your own voice

While everyone learned to write when young, most people find that writing does not come naturally as adults. Yet the urge to self-expression is powerful.

When Nicola sought help to write a series of press articles to boost her motivational hypnotherapy business, it soon became apparent that her real concerns lay with her unfinished first book manuscript, which she intended to self-publish. Some personal criticism had not only prevented her finishing the first draft, it had drained her confidence in writing altogether.

Ideal Worldsmiths supported Nicola with 1-2-1 coaching over a period of three months. The articles never happened. The book? Recorded to CD in the studio, then eventually printed, to great success.

Mark has helped me to find and develop my own unique writing style. My confidence with my writing has increased and I look forward enthusiastically to the setting of the next assignment. I am more than happy with the results and enjoying the experience of moving forward at my own pace.
Nicola Ménage, Motivational Hypnotherapist

How did Nicola achieve her real publishing goal?
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