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BRANDING: get out there

In an ideal world, every creative agency would do its own internal rebranding itself. If it could only find the time and take leading creatives off client work. If it could see the wood for the trees and actually agree its sense of direction.

In many ways, Dupree Creative was a victim of its own success. It had become a large fish in a small, specialised pond and needed to both reposition itself and expand into bigger but related markets. Ideal Worldsmiths helped Dupree think through what this meant for the way it communicated its business. What are we really about? How can we bottle our essence? How do we do it in the right way for us?

We needed an external voice, someone we could trust. A new staff member told us about Mark at Ideal, how he always nails a brand essence. We’re now well on with our new positioning and we sound, look and feel like the business we want to be.
Martin Dupree, Founder and Chief Executive, Dupree Creative

How did we help Dupree find the right direction?
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