Clarion Interpreting

A brand is a sign

Deaf people belong to a vocal community. They have a voice and expect to be listened to. Organisations working with Deaf people not only need to show they are listening, but that they are also credible listeners.

Working directly with Deaf people and associated organisations, Clarion Interpreting wanted to develop a wider range of services and grow significantly. Redeveloping its brand, here was the opportunity to cement the credibility it had built up over ten years and go one step further. Could Ideal collaborate on a visual logo that represented the word ‘Clarion’ in the sign language that Deaf people used?

Ideal really got under the skin of Clarion, what we stand for and how we work with our Deaf customers. We asked for a logo. What we got was a brand identity backed by a thorough brand analysis, which was extremely useful for our ongoing brand development.
Sally Chalk, Chief Executive, Clarion

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