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Every business needs writers. How effective are the people who write stuff in your business? More to the point, how confident are they? How committed are they to your business (and vice versa)? How well do you support them in bringing your brand values and strategy to life?

Ideal Worldsmiths works with in-house communications teams committed to developing and sustaining improvements in their business writing abilities.

Ideal Worldsmiths’ business writing training can help you to:

  • build writing confidence in your in-house teams  
  • reduce dependency on external copywriters
  • deliver sustainable professional development
  • nurture and retain valued in-house talent
  • produce more persuasive stakeholder communications
  • increase response rates and return on investment.

Why Ideal Worldsmiths?

We don’t believe in off-the-shelf training solutions. If people in your communications teams can’t spell and don’t know where to stick an apostrophe, an open workshop won’t make much difference in itself. Tick-box solutions produced tick-box employees. Better writing comes from better thinking about communications.

At Ideal Worldsmiths, we start by getting to the heart of your business. We talk to managers and individuals to understand what, exactly, all parties need. We study your current writing output and use extracts as live examples in training exercises tailored to your brand, your team and your colleagues.

We deliver on-site workshops with two trainers; one-to-one coaching and reinforcing e-learning. All blended and made meaningful because everything’s bespoke to your brand. We’ll also train your trainers to deliver an in-house package in the future.

Debbie Griffiths is a former teacher of English who has taught individuals from diverse professions globally. Mark Griffiths is a brand communications specialist. Together, we create a unique double act and blended learning package to help your teams and individuals make sustained progress in writing better for business.

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