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Ideal Worldsmiths is known for writing for business and for training in-house communications teams to write confidently themselves. But did you know we offer complementary services right around the word? 

Through our network of hand-picked Ideal Word Associates, we offer a diverse range of services that work hand in glove with our core sustainable writing business.

Ideal Worldsmiths’ word-associated services include:

  • research and consultation to engage and elicit valuable insights from your key stakeholders  
  • professional proofreading to ensure your key documents are correct in every way
  • graphic design to bring your words to life on the page
  • voice coaching and presentations training to help your key people speak like a professional actor
  • touch-typing training that’s quirkier and quicker than a brown fox jumping over a lazy dog. 

Why Ideal Worldsmiths?

Ideal Worldsmiths specialises in written communications. It’s why leading brands choose to work directly with us. We’re not an all-singing, all-dancing, full-service agency.

But when you want something that we’ve written designed up or proofread - without the faff of sourcing or managing a freelancer – we’ll sort it for you. Ideal Word Associates are openly freelance professionals whom we know and trust and who share our ethical ethos. We’re also happy to recommend people in other domains with whom we’ve worked over the decades.  

From proofing to presenting and performing, or translating ideas into images and other languages – including sign language - we know people capable of delivering the quality communications support you need.

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