Brand language & tone of voice

Brand language or tone of voice, it’s how you say what you say that counts. People recognise a brand by how it sounds as well as what it says, how it looks and what it does. While nobody likes a smarty-pants, trying a bit harder with words can make a big difference to engaging external or internal audiences. Actions speak louder with well-chosen words.

Ideal Worldsmiths works with people in organisations who understand the value of promoting the positive purpose at the heart of their brand. Our brand language and tone of voice consultancy can help you:

  • find, develop and use an effective tone of voice
  • align your tone of voice with brand strategy and visual identity
  • think differently about brand position and customer proposition
  • explore and define your vision, mission and brand values
  • create key messages that are clear, credible and on-brand
  • define a distinctive written brand style.

Why Ideal Worldsmiths?

Ideal Worldsmiths’ clients can relax in the knowledge that they’re in good company. Through myriad in-house and consultancy roles, we have helped leading national and global brands use the power of words to express what they stand for clearly, powerfully and effectively.

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Make words work as hard as your brand
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