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How to communicate effectively for sustainable behaviour change

Published: 30th Oct 2017 by Debbie Griffiths

Sustainability communications do pretty well when it comes to sustainability conferences. Some are devoted entirely to sustainability communications or reporting. Others integrate communications into broader-themed events aimed at a wider corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability audience. The latter includes the upcoming Sustainability Leaders ... read more

Make your reader go for gold

Published: 22nd Aug 2016 by Mark Griffiths

Want to know how to medal in the writing final? Here are three golden rules. For Jess Ennis-Hill, it was 2 seconds. For Lutalo Muhammad, 1 second. Adam Gemili, three thousandths of one second. Speed. Sadly, theirs wasn’t quick enough. Now the Olympics are over, we can all get back to a normal pace of life. Or, can we? Being a writer is about getting ... read more


Published: 9th Aug 2016 by Mark Griffiths

Last Friday, I was sitting expectantly in the stalls at the Royal Shakespeare Company's (RSC) Swan Theatre, awaiting the beginning of Ben Jonson’s The Alchemist. Suddenly, appearing before me, was the RSC Head of Front of House, confirming my name and publicly recognising my 100th trip to the theatre with a programme and drink on the house. Thank ... read more

7 ways to the say the same thing

Published: 13th Feb 2015 by Mark Griffiths

Brands must re-discover the art of storytelling – Number 1 in a series It’s time to recover what we lost when advertising sank and branding rose. Ever since brand marketing took pole position from advertising in the 90s, brand directors and marketing managers have been mesmerised by the power and possibilities of story. Their brief to ... read more

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