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90 seconds to win a point

Published: 10th Nov 2016 by Mark Griffiths

Andy Murray tells us why five paragraphs can be better than three in an email It’s taken a long time for Andy Murray to get to number one in the tennis world. Split-second decisions. Honed over years. Hard daily practice. Yet, imagine Andy as a copywriter in a communications department. Sending messages to colleagues across a large global company. He ... read more

Making a better impression - as easy as 123

Published: 23rd Mar 2016 by Debbie Griffiths

My inbox has been awash today with unsolicited emails, offering me everything from franking machines and photocopiers to debt collection and vehicle tracking services. They’ve all been sent to an old email address I used the other day, so I must have somehow triggered a database. The bad news for these companies is that I’ve unsubscribed from ... read more

The best time to email target customers

Published: 19th Feb 2015 by Mark Griffiths

Those of us who regularly send stuff to potential targets tend to worry about the best time of the best day of the week. We fall prey to people who have written books about the subject. Yet, I believe the solution is pretty simple, when you think about it. I won’t beat about the bush. That day and time is Wednesday, around ten minutes past twelve in ... read more

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