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Birmingham or The Annihilation of Language

Published: 22nd Feb 2015 by Mark Griffiths

    I try to do business with Birmingham but I burn my tongue on the language. My ears humdrum with the vernacular. Eyes are sore. What is it? It is what? What it is. I don’t know what it is about Birmingham. Whenever I go to Birmingham, I find myself lost for words, bereft of language, reduced read more

The best time to email target customers

Published: 19th Feb 2015 by Mark Griffiths

Those of us who regularly send stuff to potential targets tend to worry about the best time of the best day of the week. We fall prey to people who have written books about the subject. Yet, I believe the solution is pretty simple, when you think about it. I won’t beat about the bush. That day and time is read more

7 ways to the say the same thing

Published: 13th Feb 2015 by Mark Griffiths

Brands must re-discover the art of storytelling – Number 1 in a series It’s time to recover what we lost when advertising sank and branding rose. Ever since brand marketing took pole position from advertising in the 90s, brand directors and marketing managers have been mesmerised by the power and read more

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