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The beautiful game (of CSR)

Published: 28th Oct 2014 by Debbie Griffiths

Thanks to Thrive, I spent last night at Aston Villa Football Club. Not for a football match, but something much more entertaining: a CSR best practice showcase. However, I can’t help likening it all to a couple of FA Cup matches. The first between the Premier League football club and the luxury car maker, read more

Touch-typing ‘bootcamp’

Published: 24th Oct 2014 by Debbie Griffiths

Ideal Word Associate, Jonathan Stevens, used to teach English with me out in Germany - many moons ago - so I know what an inspiring teacher he is. He’s spent his professional life in training, specialising for the past decade in touch-typing training. We invited him to become a Word Associate as touch-typing is read more

Wanted: Head of Bland

Published: 13th Oct 2014 by Mark Griffiths

People have been asking me why Ideal Worldsmiths calls its brand language consultancy service, Brandit. If you’ve got five minutes... Clients tend to rush into tone of voice these days. They want the word out there. Most Marketing and Comms Directors inherit a brand and try to put their stamp on it as quickly read more

Tattoo you?

Published: 8th Oct 2014 by Mark Griffiths

The Co-operative Bank’s latest TV ad is polarising viewers – which is exactly what a good ad should do. Never mind whether an ad is on brand or not. As punters, we either like it or we don’t. What do we think of ‘For all the right reasons’? Take 1 A bank’s customer – fit, read more

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