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Brands I admire – brands that inspire: Forestry Commission

Published: 29th Sep 2014 by Susi Jacobs

Ideal Word Associate, branding expert and mountain biker, Susi Jacobs, tells us why she admires the Forestry Commission brand...   No, it’s not a name that I would have imagined would be one of my top ten brands either. But over the past year my family and I have become avid mountain bikers, and so the read more

Real cost, true value banking

Published: 16th Sep 2014 by Debbie Griffiths

With the increasing focus on the sustainability of a company’s supply chain, it was good to meet face to face with one of Ideal Worldsmiths’ own ethical suppliers, Triodos Bank, at their 2014 Annual Meeting. Entitled Real Cost True Value, it provided customers, investors and anyone interested in a more read more

Thank you, Dr Seuss!

Published: 11th Sep 2014 by Mark Griffiths

Ideal Worldsmiths are searching for Word Associates – specialist writers who display a sense of rhythm and craft. Clients often talk to Ideal Worldsmiths about transforming corporate blandness into writing with impact. How does a professional writer pull a rabbit out of the hat? To me, the magic is in the read more

Words create worlds

Published: 8th Sep 2014 by Mark Griffiths

Celebrate the International Day of Literacy and Sustainable Development Literacy and sustainable development – two concepts that are indivisibly linked, yet which can seem so far away for so many people. We wake up this morning to a new working week. Before we know it, we’ve switched on our mobiles (if read more

Ideal brand evolution

Published: 4th Sep 2014 by Debbie Griffiths

We established Ideal Word Ltd back in August 2004. Today, a decade later, we’re launching the latest incarnation of our brand. As we welcome Ideal Worldsmiths to the world, it’s a good time to reflect on and celebrate our evolving brand identity.    Ideal Word (2004-2008). Ah, our first logo read more

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