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Was our intern’s week ideal?

Published: 18th Jul 2014 by Lou Fox

So it’s the end of the week and the end of my work experience with Ideal. It was a week I thoroughly enjoyed. Every minute of it.  I enjoyed it so much because I got to learn many new things like how to use mail chimp and twitter plus learning some business etiquette I didn’t know previously. Before read more

My week of work experience

Published: 18th Jul 2014 by Debbie Griffiths

We’ve just completed Ideal’s first ever work experience with Lou Fox. I’m delighted and dog tired in unequal measure.  Highly delighted because Lou’s blown my assumptions about young people and language right out of the water. More tired than normal on a Friday afternoon because read more

Why Ashorne Hill would make an ideal training venue

Published: 17th Jul 2014 by Lou Fox

Ideal is well known for its copywriting, but wants to increase the number of writing workshops and training courses it runs for business people. With this in mind, Debbie and I visited Ashorne Hill to see if the venue would be a suitable location for future writing workshops. Even though I read more

The Roaring Girl review

Published: 15th Jul 2014 by Lou Fox

As someone who has always adored the theatre I was ecstatic that for my work experience with Ideal Word I was able to go to the RSC to see one of their plays. We went to see "The Roaring Girl" which was written by Thomas Dekker and Thomas Middleton and directed by Jo Davies. I had no idea what to expect having never read more

The bland brand

Published: 14th Jul 2014 by Mark Griffiths

The World Cup is over. Long live the World Cup. What must the blazered mandarins of the FA be thinking today? Caught between the success of the Premier League and the failure of the national English team, why should the FA even be concerned at the success of Germany? As a result, who would want the managership of the read more

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