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Brand news: we’re no longer brands

Published: 21st Jul 2009 by Mark Griffiths

Now you see us, now you don’t. Have you been following the Muji madness and Starbucks strangeness? Muji is not a brand and this Starbucks café is not Starbucks. The recession is producing some strange responses in the world of big brands. Muji, the pound store that isn’t, sells you everything but now wants you to decide that you can have ... read more

Bringing values to life

Published: 18th Jun 2009 by Mark Griffiths

At Ideal, we’ve been thinking and talking about exactly how we help our clients bring their values to life. It isn’t just that we occasionally match some of their fee to relevant causes in the developing world (though it helps). It isn’t just that we provide charitable discounts (though they help). It isn’t just that we’re good ... read more

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