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90 seconds to win a point

Published: 10th Nov 2016 by Mark Griffiths

Andy Murray tells us why five paragraphs can be better than three in an email It’s taken a long time for Andy Murray to get to number one in the tennis world. Split-second decisions. Honed over years. Hard daily practice. Yet, imagine Andy as a copywriter in a communications department. Sending messages to colleagues across a large global company. He ... read more

Ideal Worldsmiths comes of age

Published: 30th Sep 2016 by Mark Griffiths

Linked In reminded me that Ideal Worldsmiths has just passed 12 years old. Many thanks to Ben, Patrick, Lore, Adam, Arvid, Julie, James, Andy, Ivan, Kent and Paul for bringing it to our attention. 12 years feels like a cycle of life. Physically, mentally, I, we, are not what we were back then. Hairier, fuller, wiser by half. Given how many times Debbie ... read more

Is CRS becoming just another elite?  Absolutely!

Published: 10th Sep 2016 by Debbie Griffiths

Sadly I can’t attend the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability’s (ICRS) Annual Debate on September 15, 2016. It’s a shame as I have lots to say on the topic: Is CRS becoming just another elite? And I’d like to know what others think. So, I’m contributing via this blog and look forward to reading the round-up ... read more

Make your reader go for gold

Published: 22nd Aug 2016 by Mark Griffiths

Want to know how to medal in the writing final? Here are three golden rules. For Jess Ennis-Hill, it was 2 seconds. For Lutalo Muhammad, 1 second. Adam Gemili, three thousandths of one second. Speed. Sadly, theirs wasn’t quick enough. Now the Olympics are over, we can all get back to a normal pace of life. Or, can we? Being a writer is about getting ... read more


Published: 9th Aug 2016 by Mark Griffiths

Last Friday, I was sitting expectantly in the stalls at the Royal Shakespeare Company's (RSC) Swan Theatre, awaiting the beginning of Ben Jonson’s The Alchemist. Suddenly, appearing before me, was the RSC Head of Front of House, confirming my name and publicly recognising my 100th trip to the theatre with a programme and drink on the house. Thank ... read more

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