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Responsible retail is everyone’s business

Published: 11th Jul 2017 by Debbie Griffiths

In July 1992, I made a life-changing decision, sending my CV in on spec to The Body Shop head office. I followed my heart as a devoted customer and fan. Not just of the products, but the company’s ethics: using natural ingredients, caring for the planet, people and animals. Back then, it was so new, so different. As an employee, I quickly realised ... read more

Why we’re finally turning our back on the Co-operative Bank

Published: 28th Apr 2017 by Debbie Griffiths

The switch is underway and in a week’s time, Ideal Word Ltd will close its small business bank account with the Co-operative Bank and return to Lloyds. Orderly failure I still feel guilty about being the latest rat to leave the sinking ship, but my business head overruled my social conscience the day I learned that the Bank of England expected an ... read more

CR Reporting Awards 2017

Published: 25th Jan 2017 by Debbie Griffiths

If you’ve not yet cast your votes for the Corporate Register CR Reporting Awards 2017, you need to get in fast. Voting is only open until Tuesday 31 January 2017. After the way public votes have swung over the past 12 months, who knows which organisations will triumph. Will it be one of the old favourites, like M&S or Nestlé? Or a big ... read more

Feed the (local) world this Christmastime

Published: 22nd Dec 2016 by Debbie Griffiths

For Christmas past, we’ve done the usual stuff. Sent cards, choccies and treats to clients and associates that we’ve worked with during the year. Made financial donations to Crisis at Christmas. And some unusual, alternative stuff, such as sponsoring animals. For Christmas future, I’d really like us to do some seasonal volunteering. ... read more

90 seconds to win a point

Published: 10th Nov 2016 by Mark Griffiths

Andy Murray tells us why five paragraphs can be better than three in an email It’s taken a long time for Andy Murray to get to number one in the tennis world. Split-second decisions. Honed over years. Hard daily practice. Yet, imagine Andy as a copywriter in a communications department. Sending messages to colleagues across a large global company. He ... read more

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