What is sustainable writing?

 What is sustainable writing?

About us: What is sustainable writing?

Sustainable writing is Ideal Worldsmiths’ latest strapline. But what do we mean by it? Writing that lasts? Writing about sustainability? Writing for sustainable brands? Writing by sustainable copywriters? Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes! Lend us your ears while we try and explain it a bit more … 

Let’s start with the old Chinese proverb:

      Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day

      Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

We also like the modern addendum: teach a woman to fish and you feed a community forever. It goes beyond the individual and is more diverse and inclusive.

Basically, the give a man a fish metaphor reflects where we’ve been since 2004 – wordsmithing on behalf of businesses, feeding clients’ immediate needs for excellent written communications.  Outsource to us and be confident we’ll get your brand language, tone of voice (TOV) and sustainability comms spot on. On time. Time after time.

The teach a man/woman to fish metaphor reflects the long journey we’re now on to upskill clients’ in-house communicators to write as confidently for their brand as we do. Developing opportunities for insourcing from a pool of well-trained motivated and retained writing talent. 

The long and short of it

As a business that puts sustainability at its heart, we recognise that it’s economically and socially unsustainable for companies to outsource all their writing and editing needs. Quality costs a lot. Editorial mistakes cost you even more. So does a lack of motivation among staff who feel they’re not valued.

Training and coaching your in-house talent to write on brand, every time, is the only truly sustainable option. But it’s not a quick fix. And it isn’t cheap. Sustainable brand leaders know this. They’re committed to investing in developing their people’s confidence and skills for the overall benefit of individuals, teams and the business. 

Best of both 

For organisations that want to develop their talent, but still need to produce top-quality comms today, Ideal Worldsmiths has an ideal solution: co-creation. We work individually with you to get you thinking hard about what you need to say. We coach you on preparing your draft copy. We edit it professionally and explain why we’ve done what we’ve done. You get excellent collateral to share with your stakeholders and, sustainably, learn to do it more confidently yourself next time round. 

Confidence right around the word

As a leading brand, you’ll know that sustainability isn’t all directly about you. It’s about your whole value chain, including your suppliers.

You’ll be pleased to know that, at Ideal Worldsmiths, we’re as passionate about sustainability as we are about language and learning. And we practise what we preach about corporate social responsibility (CSR), too.

Some CR and sustainability consultancies will write for you. Some writing agencies will train you to write. Ideal Worldsmiths gives you confidence right around the word:

  • We get your written communications right for you
  • We upskill your people to write as confidently for your brand as we do
  • We walk the talk as an ethical and sustainable supplier

Sustainable writing is a journey. We’re on it. Want to join us? Or just have a chat about it? Give us a call or email and let’s see where it takes us… 

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