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 Ideal sustainability position

About us: Ideal sustainability position

Ideal Word Ltd is a privately-owned commercial company with a purpose beyond profit: to take people on the sustainability journey - from awareness and understanding to emotion and action. 

The Ideal Worldsmiths' brand is built on a model that combines a business mind with a social heart and environmental DNA. We take a triple bottom line, 3P approach to business: prosperity, people and planet.


We’re wordsmiths. We make our money and our living from writing. So the words we use to describe ourselves are trebly important.

In corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability circles, the 3Ps are usually referred to as people, planet, profit. Not at Ideal Worldsmiths. We choose prosperity over profit. And put prosperity first. Here’s why…

profit > financial gain, advantage, benefit, gain, payback, dividend, return

prosperity > wealth, success, profitability, affluence, (good) fortune, welfare, comfort, security, well-being

Prosperity includes financial benefit, but goes beyond it – embodying the concept of holistic wellbeing. It’s intrinsically more socially and environmentally responsible.

As a business, Ideal Worldsmiths focuses on prosperity and economic sustainability. We make money from services right around the word, with a business strategy and plan closely aligned to our purpose.

Take a look at:


All organisations, including businesses, are made up of people. Goods and services are created, desired, delivered and bought by people. These people make up communities, which make up society and the world. So, for us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an intrinsic, essential part of long-term business success (ie sustainability).

When it comes to CSR, we take a three-pronged approach:

  • My world: what’s important to our employees and associates, what drives us personally
  • Our world: what’s important for Ideal Worldsmiths, what drives our business
  • The world: how we personally and professionally contribute to what’s needed in the wider world – our external drivers

Taking people on the sustainability journey is what drives Ideal Worldsmiths: we use the power of words to raise awareness of sustainability issues; to help people get their head around them; to touch people emotionally so they’re moved to doing something about the issues that push their personal buttons.

This is our purpose. It’s incredibly important for our founders and the Ideal Word Associates who collaborate with us. It’s increasingly important for clients and other stakeholders.

Take a look at our Ethical Policy and watch this space for news of our stakeholder feedback on our long-term CSR strategy.


We regard planet Earth as a key business stakeholder. We support the environmental precautionary principle and advocate One Planet thinking, living and working.

As a home-based micro-enterprise operating in the knowledge and communications sectors, Ideal Worldsmiths doesn’t create a major environmental footprint. However, we are committed to reducing it as far as we possibly can.

We take a 6-step approach:

  1. Carbon neutral
  2. Good energy
  3. Sustainable transport
  4. Sustainable procurement
  5. Waste not
  6. Water wise

For full details, download our Environmental Policy

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